Benefits of community school supplies

Discussion in 'Montessori' started by roxy1, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Hello, I 'm working on my welcome letter for parents and looking for ideas on how to explain the benefits of sharing school supplies with the entire class. We are a multi-age montessori classroom (4th-6th grade). Last year we shared pencils and it was wonderful. This year I would like to add colored pencils, glue and markers to our communal supplies. Any ideas would be great!!!
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    We also do the community supplies. One of the problems that we have is that the glue sticks dry up before we can use them. Ditto with the colored markers. We send a back to school list with what we need to the parents. Wipes, kleenex, markers, crayons, glue sticks, etc. We note that there is no need to mark the name because everything is going to one place. Our parents seem to be ok with it.
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    I was a teacher aide one year for three kindergarten and 2 first grade classes. The first day of school, one kdg teacher asked all the kids to pull out their school supplies. Many kids were all excited, pulling out new shiny supplies, others were a little nervous, with some used, hand-me-down stuff. Others were tickled to death, because all of there things were monogrammed!!

    The teacher took a huge coffee can, one by one grabbed everyone's stuff, and dumped it in the can!

    The room was silent.

    From a teacher aide's point of view, I understood it. From a parent's point of view...I was horrified! OMG...I stood in line picking out her favorite stuff, and now it is all mixed together!!! :eek:

    As a student in ECH, it made perfectly good sense.

    Now, the kid who had the hand-me-down, left over stuff from around the house, didn't feel bad anymore.

    And the Ms. Popularity kid was so upset because EVERYONE was using her monogrammed pencils!


    And, after Christmas break, the teacher dumped everything in the trash. I thought, why??? It is still good. She says to me, "Nah! too many germs, ringworm, the flu, bugs get in over the break." And she promptly filled up a new coffee can, with supplies she had leftover from that first day!

    as far as the topless markers :)lol: ), try this.

    glue all the tops into a rectangluar block. you may have to tap a few holes, just deep enough to hold them. Once the tops are completely set, you have a marker stand!

    The markers must be replaced standing up. There are no more loose markers, staining your hands as you reach into a basket. When you take one off, you must replace it in the rack! And, if you don't make it 'click', it will fall off!

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