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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by TeachCafe, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Secondary teachers, could you explain to me what this looks like in middle school?

    I've always wanted to teach middle school social studies and I'm open to ELA as well. I'm thinking of beginning the dual ELA/SS 4-8 certification to keep me more flexible.

    BUT, with this year's crop of 4th graders I'm rethinking it completely. I had a spattering a low students last year but this year it's really bad. The entire grade level has more 21-2 grade level students and its killing us. Yet, day in and day out it's data data what are WE not doing to push these students.

    I'm not laying the blame game BUT we didn't all of a sudden make them low.

    I always know but now it finally hit me, if my students are this low in 4th what in the world do they look like in 6-8 when the material only gets harder.

    At times we're told we can't fail students, we shouldn't fail students, if they fail it;s because WE did prepare them eve though we're just setting the bar and now lowering it when they say do now lower the bar. But I'm already worn out. 3 years in and I'm dying already. But if its like those on steroids in middle I'll pass on that too.

    The good thing I see is that there's more personal responsibility. It;'s not so much the teachers fault or parents as much as the actual student. Responsible for their own materials (pencils, books notebooks, etc) but if they're low what does this look like and how does it work. I can only imagine. 5 different groups of students ad the varying levels seems nightmarish.

    What do you do? What are you made to do?

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