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Discussion in 'Behavior Management Archives' started by cmorris, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Aug 17, 2005

    I'm a new teacher and am preparing for my first year. I have a BM plan, but want ideas for certain students who may be somewhat difficult. How do you handle students who make noises (either can't help it, or on purpose), bother others, get up for no reason, etc.

    Based on my student teaching experience, I don't think many, if any, BM plan fits all students. Just looking for ways to possibly make modifications if students need them. Thanks!
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    I think you need to have a bag of tricks and that only comes with being in the classroom and coming up with what works for you. Honestly, my very best classroom management idea is get to know the kids and talk to them. Everything in my classroom revolves around the idea of being successful, so my students know that they will be questioned about how successful they are being or allowing others to be when they are displaying certain behaviors. Luckily my school has the outlook that constantly disruptive kids don't belong in teh classroom, so severe behaviors have a place to go to debrief. But for the minor infractions 9 times out of 10 my verbal, "Katie, that tapping is bugging the heck out of our auditory learners, do you think you could help them be successful by stopping?" that sort of thing takes care of it. If it doesn't, I call the student aside and have a conversation similar to, "Did I ask you already to stop tapping your pencil?" YES "So, what's going on?" I look for some explanation for their actions. If I get an " I don't know" I explain the consequences to the class because of their behavior and ask, "Do you think you can fix this?" I also use the phrase, "Can you fix this or do you need a consequence?" and I have never had a student need a consequence. I would do some reading of Marvin Marshall's work, he has a website. My style is pretty heavy into Control Theory (Glasser) as well. I also like the Love and Logic information by Jim Fay.

    Good luck! It takes a while to get a system that works, you'll probably stumble, but it does come with experience. You will get better at it as you try different things.
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    The previous post was excellent advice..I would add this, choose your battles in such a way you give the student a choice, or you will engage in a power struggle. Make sure the expectations are clear from the get go and that your reactions are not arbitrary.
    I have one student that simply cannot sit in a chair..I envision this 4th grader as a young banker someday, in his cubicle wearing a suit
    and tie and squatting both feet on the seat of his chair! He
    has more wiggles than than any kid I have ever seen! He gets his work done and it isn't an issue with me if he can't sit in his chair!
    I have another student that needs attention, but is used to getting it by disrupting learning time by wanting to leave the room. I have limited bathroom and drink breaks to before and after recess, and at lunch. The afternoon break requires a pass and cannot be used during an instructional lesson. Once you get to know your students you will begin to see what strategies will work for classroom management. Best Wishes
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