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    I used to work at a school where the teachers had students write standards if their behavior was not acceptable. I'm thinking of doing it with some of my students. They get sent to detention,but most of their friends are there, and they don't mind going. Does anyone have something they can e-mail me that they have their students write??? I think I may also want a parent signature on it too.

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    Some teachers have various paragraphs for various offenses. Such as a paragraph about why bringing all supplies every day is important or why distruptive behavior can lead to chaos thereby depriving all of an education or why disrespect is unacceptable.

    I've also heard of teachers who have the student write a page about why they chose to misbehave, why it was wrong, and how they will prevent it from happening again.

    I think it's important to get parent's signature so they know what is going on. If they don't bring it back the next day, signed by parent, I tell them it's an automatic referral to the office.

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