Behavioral Problems in 5th Grade

Discussion in 'General Education' started by PEteacher07, Oct 23, 2023.

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    Our 5th grade class behavior is not great this year. They aren't disrespectful to me cuz the coach don't play, but are towards their teachers and other staff members. It's rough and we are only 9 weeks into school. Specifically, I know the kids are disruptive and then they bring other people into the disruption which makes it worse. There is zero student leadership in that group but there are children with leadership traits. I am the PBIS leader on campus and we have a staff leadership meeting this week so I want to present this idea.

    I had a thought of a 5th grade student leadership team. I contacted our Communities in Schools Representative and she LOVES the idea and I want to be involved too. It's right up her alley but, we both want it to be done right. I don't want it to be "let's meet with the CIS rep and learn how to be leaders." That's just fluffy and we don't want fluff. I want a group that accomplishes things and is action based. Kids who are assertive and leaders in the classroom, kids who could maybe do a community service project and help plan something special at school.

    The teacher/admin leadership group is going to address things like discipline and rewards, but I think some leadership from our students could provide a more proactive element of these issues. I think if a kid acts like a turkey and their classmates ignore and don't engage, the behavior tends to lessen or stop because no one is paying attention to them.

    Has anyone ever been a part of something like this and have any suggestions for how to pull it off? The CIS rep is going to chew on it for a while and come up with ideas too.

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