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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by hanvan, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Jul 24, 2013

    What is yours?

    I saw a color chart where everyone starts in the middle and they move up or down based on their behavior but even if they move down they have the chance to move back up before the end of the day.

    While researching it some I found a few blogs that discussed why they dislike a color chart, and I can see their point. Same kids always at the bottom etc.

    In the past (and I mean like 6 years ago) I used tickets. 10 tickets won you a prize from the prize box and if you misbehaved you signed my notebook (each time meant something?? Maybe 5 min from recess? idk) And three times meant a note home to parents.

    It was easy and worked.

    My daughters teacher used a 100's chart. Each child had a small chart in their notebook. For good behavior they got a sticker. Each 10 won them something...bubbles, pencil, lunch w a friend etc.

    So many options. What do you use?
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    Jul 24, 2013

    I have a jar that I fill with dyed macaroni when everyone is on task. When the jar is full we celebrate. This past year I had a super challenging group, so I did table points and at the end of the week teams with 10 points got to participate in a fun activity.

    Typically my behavior plan is to teach routines and expectations and spend most of September practicing them. Then after that I if a child isn't following those I decide if it's just a matter of more practice or if there needs to be a consequence. I handle each situation individually.
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    I did the card flip thing (after 5 years of the clip system). It's kind of the same idea, except my kids don't move their cards back. the cards are really for me because i cant tell who has had a warning and who hasn't. After a verbal, then they start changing their card. When they have to change a card, it is reported (by a code) in the folder. I report exact behaviors in folder because we have microscope parents who will question report card grades and whatnot. I can go back and look in folder and see that Johnny ran in the hall 5 times this grading period and that is why he received an "S' instead of an "E" or something like that.
    Johnny will still have to practice walking over and over, however his conduct grade still has to reflect that he broke the rules and I need to be able to speak about it.
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    Aug 5, 2013

    I use a stop and go light and a daily behavior calendar.
    All start on blue-safe each morning, warnings get their clip moved to the bottom of the stop light,(black)
    2nd instnace move to green- 5 laps at recess
    next yellow - laps
    worste Red- recess detention and meet with principal

    at the end of each school day the student colors the box for the date on his behavior calendar and the parent must sign it each evening- on the back of the calendar I have space to write a quick note to the parent about what 6 years only had 2 move to red...they freak out enough after black (the warning!)

    I also have other incentives like earning raffle tickets and raffle pulls for treasure box on Fridays...

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