Behavior management with a VI/HI student?

Discussion in 'Special Education Archives' started by wifemomteach06, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I have been working for one week, and I feel that I am having some difficulty with some behavior management with my student. She has a cochlear implant and some vision impairments. I am trying to learn the alphabet and some other signs as fast as I can, but I still feel like I am doing something wrong. I had a chat with my immediate supervising teacher, and she says I am doing just fine. I get upset because she will listen to other people, and say "no" to me. Not all the time, but enough times now that the other students are noticing it. So what can I do? I am never quite sure if she can't hear me or is just being at that age. She is dealing with multiple health and behavioral items also, so I am trying to get as much infomation as I can on behavior management. With that said, what can I do? She is in second grade, and I don't think that it helps that she is on 3 inches smaller than me. And along the same lines, does anyone know a good form or planner I can use to recored this information on, so that I can give concrete feedback when asked? I thank you so much for getting to the bottomo f this!

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