Beginning of year books- Tattling, Rules, etc.

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by cml88, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Sep 3, 2013

    Hi! What are your favorite beginning of the year books to use with your kinders? Which do you use to discuss classroom rules, tattling, school behaviors, leaving home/new experiences, etc?? I love using David Goes to School, The Kissing Hand, Miss Nelson is Missing, & Chrysanthemum. I would love to hear your beginning of school must-reads! I need some NEW ideas.
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    Tattle Tongue is a great book to discuss when its ok to tell and when it can wait. I also use No David and we discuss peace breakers and peace makers. Have you Filled a Bucket Today is another great book especially because we have a bucket for everyone to earn warm and fuzzes when they are caught being a bucket filler. How to Lose all Your Friends, is another great book.

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