Beginner French Reasources... Gr 4/5

Discussion in 'Special Subjects' started by BreezyGirl, Aug 29, 2018.

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    I am in BC and grades 5 and up require French. I am not fluent at all. I am from the states, so always chose Spanish. I will be teaching a grade 4/5 class and wondering if anyone can recommend any resources. I purchased a couple of items on TPT that were meant for non-French speaking subs. :) I did these last year and could follow along. But, wondering if there is anything anyone found that was straight forward and easy to follow. Thanks!
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    What is available in your school? When I taught grade 6 basic French (in another province, not BC), we used a textbook series called "Visages" and it had great CDs that could be used for listening exercises. We also have a provincial French education library and they were excellent for pulling resources.

    I am not fluent, by any means, but I can speak basic French. One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to make the first 10 minutes totally oral French. I usually started with a phrase like, "Je porte une chemise" while pointing to my shirt. Then I would ask a student, "Est-ce que TU portes une chemise?" and they'd have to respond in a complete sentence, which I would model. I did that to teach the vocabulary for each theme.

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