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Discussion in 'Early Childhood Education Archives' started by kmcole4, Aug 22, 2005.

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    Aug 22, 2005

    Hi--I am looking for ideas for orientation. It is only 30 minutes 16 children and their parents and me --ALONE! It will be fine--I am just looking for things you all may do that work---THANKS!
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    Aug 22, 2005

    When parents and children start coming in, I show them their cubbies and desks and get their supplies put away.

    When almost everyone is in the room, I begin by having parents introduce themselves and their child. I like for my parents to get to know each other because they will be seeing each other a lot over the next thirteen years. Then, I go over all the paper work that has to be signed and then I discuss all my classroom policies that are in my handbook. I also stress certain things that I know are important for parents to know about my class.

    After I've done the 'parent talk', I read The Kissing Hand to the children and give each of them a sticker. You might want to have crayon and something to color or have puzzles or something quiet for the kids to do while you are talking to the parents.

    I take a few pictures and make sure everyone has signed in and signed up for parent-teacher conferences.

    I hope this helps a little. Good luck! I promise it's never as stressful as you thought it would be after you are actually done. :)
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    Aug 22, 2005

    If you only have 30 min. then I would do a "Kinder-Hunt." This is a scavenger hunt of the classroom. I usually do this at our Open House after a couple of weeks of school. The kids acually have to take their parents around the room and show them various things, but you could make it so the parents and children hunt for things together. It usually looks something like this:

    1. Find your name on your cubby.
    2. Find your seat (name.)
    3. Go to the book shelf and find one book you've read before.

    When I have the kids take parents around it looks like this:
    1. Show your parents where you sit at the table and at the carpet.
    2. Show your parents where your cubby is.
    3. Show your parents your favorite book we've read in class.
    4. Show your parents your favorite "Free Choice" toy.
    5. Show your parents one thing you can do using KidPix. (computer)

    Just and idea!

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