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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by TeacherCuriousExplore, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Well, after a meeting with the exterminator and the property manager I feel relieved. Apparently, the bed bugs actually did come from a tenant and made their way into my room. The bed bug issue actually happens every few years or so but not often. The Exterminator did a check around the apartment and confirmed that it couldn't have been brought in by me because the infestation isn't bad. He believes there are a few but not many inside of my box spring. He also does not believe that they made their way to my clothing. However, for safety precautions, he told me to place them into a big black trash back and seal it. Wash the clothes at the hottest temperature as well as dry them at a very hot temperature. He will be killing them all tomorrow and being that the chemicals are strong I have to return 3-4 hours after treatment and a follow-up will be done in 2 weeks. He told me the chemicals are 99.9% effective and tenants never saw an issue after he finished. So I am being hopeful that the treatment works. He will also take out the mattress and box spring for me and trash it. The cost for doing the extermination is 250. The fee for the extermination will not be covered by the apartment because they have no control over the issue. The landlord says that the tenants spread these and therefore not their issue! They were really generous about everything and made me feel at ease so I do not mind paying the 250 bucks. I am shocked that it is not close to 600. The chemicals that will be used tomorrow will also take care of the maggots and flies that come about whenever I soak my pans. I plan to put down other pesticides mention by you all on the last discussion after he leaves. I was freaking out over nothing.

    Although I am ok with the price of extermination, but shouldn't the apartment cover this?
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