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Discussion in 'Art Teachers' started by Shannon Creighton, Mar 1, 2021.

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    Mar 1, 2021

    Hello -
    I am trying to figure out the fastest and cheapest way to become credentialed with a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art.

    I currently teach photography at a public charter school in Northern California and have been there for 2 1/2 years and plan to return next year. I've been told that I must pursue a credential to continue to teach by 2023 I believe. They recommended the Career and Technical Education certificate (CTE) in digital photography. However, I'm interested in pursuing work in the museum education world and also teach more than just digital photography in the future. I already have my Masters in Fine Arts.

    I understand there are a few routes to take for credentialing:
    - Take & pass CSET in art and pursue a Single Subject Teaching Credential in art - perhaps the fastest (and cheapest if I do this at a State university, about $15k).
    - Do a subject matter preparation program to waive the CSET (like this one at Otis college in LA:, costs about $21k) and then pursue a Single Subject Teaching Credential in art at a State university.

    I've also heard of an internship route and also if you've worked 3 years in a private school, some other route...I'm curious about those?

    Are there other Subject Matter Preparation programs that waive the CSET exam, like the one at Otis? Are there online programs that would be more affordable perhaps?

    So many questions! This is a complicated world to break into apparently.

    Thanks so much for any insights...
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    Jun 9, 2021

    At the end of the day, talking to the people in charge of the art credential programs at the schools you're interested is probably the best source of information. By my thoughts as someone who was terrified of the CSET and just recently got credentialed.

    I went to CSUN, and the normal 2 year program could also be fast tracked to one year, though its a lot of work. I do recommend studying and taking the CSET, the prep programs are really for undergraduates to my knowledge. With a Masters in Fine Arts, you can probably handle the CEST and save time. I recommend reading The Annotated Mona Lisa if you need a brush up on art history. Also check out the Art CSET thread on this forum, it's chalk full of genuinely useful information.

    You can do the credential program as an intern, which basically means they take into account that you're already teaching full time, and that covers your student teaching. I think there's something else thats for people who have been working at a private school for some extended period of time (10 years?), but I don't really remember what was said about this...

    I've also had CTE recommended to me, so you might consider doing both.

    Don't know how much help this is, but over all for me taking the cset and spending two years in the program was worth while. Whatever path you take, good luck!

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