Bathroom Situations!

Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by Starista, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Jan 9, 2007

    Hello! =)

    I am having a MAJOR problem with the bathroom in my classroom.

    There is one bathroom in my classroom & I realize how lucky I am.


    Right before specials or lunch (basically anytime we're about to leave the classroom), anywhere from 4-8 kids raise there hand needing to use the restroom.

    For awhile I'd do storytime before a special or lunch and tell the children if they had to go to form a line outside the restroom door and of course this causes talking and the such.

    Today during storytime I forgot to say "Now is your opportunity to use the restroom if you need to go" and the PE teacher asked me to make sure they use the restroom before class. :eek: Oops!

    Any advise?!

    Thank you ~ I teach grade one. :love:
  3. Mr.Jeff2007

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    Jan 9, 2007

    take a peice of paper and write all their names on it.

    laminate it.........put velcro stickies next to each name........

    get a small peice of paper and write "bathroom" on it......

    explain to them that they may NOT go during direct instuction (when you are doing a lesson)......

    also tell them only one person is allowed to get up at a time.......

    sometimes my kids try and get up at the same time, but usually I just say "andrew" you go, "Jack you wait"

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    Jan 9, 2007

    I do something similar to Mr.Jeff. When I have a long line of kids to go in my bathroom (and all of our bathrooms at school are single only.. even in the halls..what were they thinking!), I have those who have to go raise their hands, I write their names quickly on the board and they go in that order, when person a comes back, they erase their name and tap person b to go, etc. It still takes at least 5 mins though. Sometimes I'll start this and have the rest of the class do puzzles while we wait or I'll start the bathroom while they finish an activity for class.

    Oh and for speed I have all kids wash their hands in our classroom sink during this time instead of the bathroom and then I just lysol the bathroom handle & lightswitch once they leave for the special.
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  5. lupin43

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    Jan 9, 2007

    If you have larger bathrooms in the hallway, I would leave 7-10 min. early for specials and take a break on your way there. At first it could take 10 min, but after a few tries, they will get the procedure. Use the in class bathroom during class.
  6. Tbelle1035

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    Jan 10, 2007

    I hang "bathroom tags" in my classroom, one for the boys, one for the girls.

    Same rule applies, you may not leave the room during direct instruction time.

    If a child has to go to the bathroom, s/he takes the appropriate tag, puts it on his or her desk, and goes. Upon returning, the tag is replaced for the next person. No one can go without taking the tag.

    This ensures that only one child at a time is in the bathroom, and if someone is missing, I will know right away who it is and where they are!

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