Backing out of a verbal job acceptance.

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    Jun 8, 2021

    So here has been the timeline: About 2 weeks ago, I interviewed in a district (School district #1) that I really wanted to be a part of. I heard back about a week later saying that I did not get the job due to someone else having a bit more experience, but they were impressed so they put my name in the job pool. I had just interviewed with another school district earlier that day (School district #2), and they called me a couple of hours later to tell me they were very impressed and then offered me the job, so I said yes. Well, while I was on the phone with School District #2, another school from School district #1 called me and asked if I wanted to interview with them early the following week. I was overwhelmed at the moment (I had received 3 important calls in a span of 10 minutes lol) and I agreed to the interview. Here is some context:

    1. School district #1 pays a little under 3k more than school district #2.
    2. Both seem like they have good work environments.
    3. School district #1 told me at the very beginning of the interview which class I would be teaching, I am still waiting back to hear exactly what I would be responsible for at school district #2.
    4. I know more people in the area of school district #1, but I know two of the employees (one in the department) at school district #2. I know no one in the area (within a one-hour drive) from school district #2.
    5. School district #1 is in a better area, with more recreational activities and more opportunities than school district #2.
    6. School district #1 is 4.5 hours away from home, and then School district #2 is 3 hours away from home (neither is a problem for me, controlling family says differently though).

    As I said, school district #2 offered me the job over the phone, and I accepted, but I haven't signed anything. They are supposed to hold a school board meeting in about a week/week and a half so nothing is even super official yet. This is for a math position, which is demanded subject area (especially here in Arkansas) so I doubt they would have trouble finding another good candidate for the job, especially since we still have about 2 months until the school year starts. Also, this is all hypothetical, as school district #1 won't even get back to me until Friday. But if I were to get a job offer at school district #1, would it be a wrong move to back out of the offer from school district #2? Nothing has been signed, I honestly haven't received any information from them other than the fact I would be teaching math in a high school.
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    Because you haven’t signed a contract, you can technically back out. In certain districts in Arkansas, backing out of a verbal offer will burn a bridge in that district, however. If possible, I would call district 1 and let them know they are still your first choice, but you have an offer from another district on the table and see if they can move their hiring process along a little. You do have 10 days after returning your signed contract to rescind it as well.
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