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Discussion in 'Special Education Archives' started by sva, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Sep 23, 2006

    I have 4 1/2 year old girl with multiple challenges. She was born very prematurely and has the deficits that go along with that. She takes all nutrition via GT. She has some trunk control but no leg control and very little arm control. She has no verbal language but communicates some with vocal sounds or actions (clearing the desk top).

    One of her goals (diligently written by an SLP who has since moved on!) is to use a switch to communicate in 4-5 activities per day! Other than rote responses to stories ("I think I can") or songs ("all through the town"), I am stumped. I need ideas. The new SLP has just passed this on to the associates to document these uses but did not give us us any specifics. The girl's use of switches is very random. I think she gets it sometimes because the associates puts it rightin front of her face.

    Any ideas?

    I might add that this child's to a private clinic for OT, PT, SLP, VI also. They have a very nice new facility with all the latest equipment. And this child works on these skills in isolation. The mom expects the school to duplicate these services. We can't but it seems like I am left to communicate that to mom instead of the OT, PT VI or SLP.

    I guess this is realy enough for 2 posts. THanks.
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    switch ideas:

    do you have a circle time song or greeting that could be on the switch for her?

    do you have any switch-activated toys/devices? you should look into getting some. something like a light/sound toy or tape player that is activated by the switch is very motivating.

    if she has little arm control, would she be better able to activate it by turning her head?

    is she able to discriminate between 2--could you use them for choices or yes/no questions? or work towards that?

    another thing i use switches for is sometimes i have my kids take surveys of people in other classes (what did you do for vacation: travel or stay home? how do you like your potatoes: french fries or mashed?) and record the question for the survey on the switch.

    if you do an activity can she use a switch to request more materials? what comes to mind is coloring with crayons, and the she would have maybe 2 and the switch would say "may i have a new color please?" if coloring is not motorically her thing, could this idea be used in a different activity you are already doing?

    use the switch for an errand to deliver a message somewhere--office, another classroom.

    do you have any computer programs that can use switch activation? usually the ones that can be activated with a single switch are very simple cause/effect.

    hope these ideas help!

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