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Discussion in 'Substitute Teachers' started by nerdyandlearning, Oct 2, 2020.

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    Oct 2, 2020

    So I recently have been subbing for a new district due to attending college to get my BS in education. The other day I subbed for an elementary classroom 5th grade and really just had a hard time keeping up with the crammed lesson plans laid out I would turn around after helping one child and it was like time slipped forward on me.

    I know I have been getting extremely better with classroom management but I am definitely not there yet and I feel like I just really dropped the ball for the actual home room teacher. Students did not finish their work and I tried to check the work as I went along but there was not enough of me to go around and properly help every child.

    Her instructions while thorough in some places were vague in others. An example was that IEP child was suppose to have a previously finished math test read and reviewed to them by another teacher in another room but that teacher was apparently in a meeting and I was out of worksheets so I assumed that the IEP child has specific need for a math class so I let them hangout in my room and do interactive math games that was approved by her for the kids once they finished, I honestly didn’t know, her notes did not say and I worry I did the wrong thing.

    I love working with that age group and they were incredible children I made sure to tell her in my notes but I worry that I was terrible and again let the teacher down with my handling of the paper work and assignments. I am so use to working upper grades like middle and higher that are slightly more independent that as the kids work I can take a glance at my notes and lay everything out I need for the next block of class and file things properly. Opinions from GE teachers or other subs that faced the same situation would be very helpful, thank you.
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    You had a routine substitute day, and the world didn't stop turning, so I would say that you did fine. Experience helps, and comes from doing the job as well as you can, day in and day out. "Some days are diamonds and some days are coal." Not all lesson plans will get done or work as well as the classroom teacher had planned. It's OK - you learn as much from the mistakes as you do from the successes along the way. Let me wish you the best, and hope that you find teaching as rewarding and fun as it has been for me for a number of years!
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    Lol, I would kill for this kind of sub; subs we get don't care. Some look like they are on something, and some don't even speak English!

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