[article] Where AI could take the classroom

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    TLDR excerpt: ".. It has already been a couple of years since Georgia Tech professor Ashok Goel introduced “Jill Watson,” a teaching assistant who was actually a robot based on IBM’s Watson platform (the same platform that beat a human champ on Jeopardy!). Jill answered students' online questions in Mr. Goel's graduate-level AI class, but the 300 students in the course didn't realize they were talking to a chatbot until the end of the term. .. "

    There has been debates on whether AI can eventually replace the "human" teacher. In the current context of teaching and learning, probably not. If future teaching and learning paradigms are to shift in some ways, then perhaps. But what i thought interesting about the example in this article is the AI does not need to "replace"; but it can "take the place" of a human teacher sometimes, helping to take on some Q&A/engagement time with students. This can free up considerable time/workload as a benefit; however, the downside is that the teacher has lesser opportunities to develop students personally. My opinion is it's a pretty good trade-off in today's Whatsapp/constant messaging era.

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