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Discussion in 'General Education' started by KinderCowgirl, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I thought this was really interesting. I remember reading somewhere that in countries like Japan, the school day ends early, the students go home and teachers literally do lessons in front of other teachers for ideas/suggestions on how to do them better before it's presented to students. A lesson is never done just cold.

    I wouldn't want to go to that extent, but as this article states, I do think we could use more time (I know, where would it even come from) to plan together. We do PLC's but we don't do it the right way. We meet once a week as a team but I know we are all still on different levels of understanding when it comes to how we are going to implement the objectives. I often wonder this year what other teachers would think if they would actually see me in action (I feel very inadequate this year). We really do spend very little time talking to other adults in our job and that time isn't always teaching-related. It's mostly just us and the kids.

    Anyway, just thought it was interesting:
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    I agree! We were required (as part of our new evaluation model) to do a lesson study this year with a group of teachers. We had to plan a lesson together and then observe one of us teach it. It was a great experience (except for the reams of paperwork!). I wish we were able to do it more often in a less formal way.
    I, too, feel inadequate this year - so I feel your pain! I have little to no collaboration with other teachers this year due to scheduling and personalities and it has definitely had an impact on how I feel about what I'm doing with my students. I may be doing just fine but I'm not sure. I feel better and have much more confidence about what I'm doing when I regularly bounce ideas off of and get feedback from others.

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