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    Friday I had an interview for an Art teaching position. The original job posting on Edjoin only said "Art Teacher" at the high school district. It turned out that it was specifically for photography. I didn't know this until the end of the interview when they said do you have any questions for us and I asked if the opening was for a specific course and they said it would be Photography I and II. Luckily I had brought up photography and talked about my freelance career in photography and programs and techniques I thought the students would be interested in, I asked what they were currently using etc. I was really just wondering why would they not mention the specific area of Art. It is not assumed that anyone teaching art knows digital photography or the programs associated with it and I also know they interviewed people with other artistic specialties. If the posting had said photography I would have really played up that more in my intro letter I was thinking(assuming) it was Art I which is more traditional art and when asked about a lesson talked about my drawing class. I don't know if that hurt me or doesn't matter. Hoping some art teachers or people who have been on an interview panel can offer some insight.

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