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    Dec 11, 2019

    good afternoon. I’m a volunteer art teacher working in inner city Philadelphia Elementary School. I teach 3 days a week and do Art on a Cart. There are times that I have classes back to back with a 10 minute break. The kids love to paint, and like to give them that opportunity as often as I can. My issue is the distribution of paint. Today, I tried something new, and it failed miserably. My 3rd graders were doing a nighttime winter Landscape. Snowman and pine tree against the night sky. I gave out the paint as it was needed. We started with background and only black and blue was given out, then as they progressed, I gave them more paint. The classroom was set up in rows, so I spent the entire period (or the majority) running between rows squirting the requested paint on their pallets. Any suggestions?
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    In 3rd grade, you will usually find a small group of responsible students who can follow directions here. ( At my old school, the number was much higher.) When we painted, I usually laid out the newspaper on the linoleum part of the floor.
    I explained what to do to a responsible group of however many were in that group 1st.. Sometimes it would be 2-3 groups. Then I kept the rowdy, inattentive, noncooperative ones at their seats w/newspaper all around them. :)
    The ones who followed instructions would make sure others in their group did what was instructed. That way, you only have to dole out the paint to the ones not in groups.
    That is awesome you are volunteering to teach art in the schools! We need more people like you in our schools!

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