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    Hello! I've posted a few times but I teach 7th grade ELA in SC. My students are about to embark on our argumentative unit. We following writing and reading workshops in our pacing guide and for the 3rd quarter there is only a writing workshop. Therefore, I need to fill in with some content and I'm super excited to finally have the freedom to choose. However, I've been shot down on the idea of teaching the Holocaust because we're not allowed to teach "Night" by Elie Wiesel and I don't have time to do Anne Frank the play. My kids have yet to read an actual book with me because of these "workshops" and we've only read TWO short stories that were thrown in quickly around the workshops. I'm really struggling because they desperately need to be reading because they obviously don't do it independently and I would love nothing more than to teach a book to them.

    Does anyone have any ideas on tying an engaging novel or short story into our argumentative unit before we do the writing workshop? I need to have a plan for a week from today or they're going to fill in with something that the kids (and myself) will likely hate.

    Thank you thank you thank you!
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    I haven't read it, but "Ban This Book" by Alan Gratz might be a fun one to look at. You could tie in some decision-making about reasons that books have been banned and have the students write about whether or not school districts/classrooms/libraries should have the ability to ban books.
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    All of our units are theme-based, but this one is heavily argumentative based. We are reading fiction and nonfiction with immigration as a central idea. The kids have researched their ancestry to see where their families originated. They did research about illegal immigration, an had a Socratic seminar yesterday. With the information they shared yesterday and their research, they are writing an argumentative essay tomorrow.

    Have you ever used the LCD site? They have a lot of pre-desiged units. You might find something there.
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    Why are they not reading independently? No offense, but if you follow a true workshop model and they're not doing anything, you're doin' it wrong. :eek:
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    Perhaps the OP is looking to use a ‘mentor text’?

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