Are there any male first year teachers lurking about?

Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by the_guy, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Oct 26, 2008

    Hello to all.

    I'm sitting here drinking a cold beer counting down the hours, minutes, seconds, until the new school week begins tomorrow morning. I should start by saying that I absolutely love my job as a kindergarten teacher and I have no real complaints or gripes. i understand that I will get worked this year, that I will be tired, that I will stay long after the last teacher has left. I can deal with that.

    I am wondering if there is any advice or suggestions anyone can give me about getting to know other teachers and staff. My school is pretty big. About 40 teachers K-5, many aides, administrators, and parents. I feel that up until now, I have made no real connections or friendships with any of my fellow teachers. Nothing beyond the obligatory hello or how was your weekend.

    I do not consider myself an introvert, or even really that shy, I just feel anxious about being the new person on campus. I feel there is this pressure to meet everyone, to say HI to everyone, to somehow develop some sort of working relationship with those I see everyday.

    Everyone at my school is extremely nice, I cannot say an ill word about anyone. I am worried about not fitting in I guess, not being comfortable as the new guy. I am worried not only because I am not making friends, but also because I want to be a good fit in the school and in the community as I think this will have an impact on whether or not I am allowed to stay on after this year.

    It would be nice to hear from other males who are new, but of course I would value and appreciate any words of help or advice. Thanks.
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    Oct 27, 2008

    One word of advice... sit with teachers during lunch. It's a great time to socialize with them and its usually the only time that most teachers get to do some chitchatting with their fellow teachers. I've spent my first few weeks in my classroom, door closed, resting, eating, and catching up on lessons or emails... and its really stunk for me to do that, but it's what I needed. As I'm more organized, more in it, and more settled, I'm realizing I need the social aspect of the school too to really have the school experience. I started sitting down with the teachers at lunch and I don't even have to chat much--- they just enjoy seeing your face. :)
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    Oct 31, 2008

    Hey I can totally relate. I am a second year male teacher, and at 23, it can kinda feel weird working with teachers that are old enough to be your grandmothers. Relating to them too can be sometimes difficult.

    I agree with the sitting with the teachers at lunch thing. For me, I really let it all hang out when I'm around my fellow teachers. I crack jokes and act like an idiot sometimes. This makes the older teachers feel comfortable- remember, it works the other way around too- they can feel intimidated by the younger generation that will be taking their place.

    When you put them at ease, that's when it gets fun. they feel comfortable making jokes about your youth or just ragging you, but it's all in fun. You get to talking about some funny incidents that happened in your classroom, and things just flow.
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    Nov 1, 2008

    Hi fellow male div 1 teacher!

    I'm a first year teacher, teaching gr 3 this year. My school is fairly new, built 2 years ago. The school is huge as well as the staff (over 45 staff members).

    I too am feeling the stress and reward of teaching. The kids are great. I get along well with them and I can talk to them about playing games on the wii or xbox. But the marking and paperwork is really overwhelming.

    Sitting during lunch and having a break with colleagues is a great idea. It's a big stress reliever.

    I found that during the first few weeks of schools, I always visited fellow teachers teaching in the same hallways after school. That half an hour was a good break after a long day of teaching and I got to know the other teachers in my hallway well.

    I offered to help with anything and thankfully my interest and knowledge in computers is paying off. I helped a lot of my colleagues with their computers in the classroom (setting them up or explaining how to do the simple things). Since I've been helpful, they've been helping me with their wisdom and years of experience in resources, lesson plans, classroom management and teaching tips.
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    Nov 1, 2008

    Everyone was "new" at some point. Don't worry :D

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