Anything funny happen today?

Discussion in 'Art Teachers' started by Securis, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2010

    Why, yes! How'd you know?

    I was stirring water I had left standing in a paint cup back into the paint so that it would be ready to use for the student sitting right next to where I was standing and mixing. These are plastic cups and slippery little suckers. I dropped the cup of paint. It landed on the table, tipped, and catapulted freshly mixed white tempera paint all over his arms, chest, and legs. He wasn't completely covered, but the spray from the cup did it's work very well.

    First, I was completely surprised because of how gently I needed to hold the cup to keep from collapsing it. That being so, I just didn't have the sensitivity to keep hold.

    Second, I quickly became amused but I didn't show it. I had to get him cleaned enough to keep from making a further mess and I had to keep class going. No time to chuckle at all.

    Now, before all you mothers out there get angry, this paint washes out with water and soap super enhances the washing effort. I sent home a note to his mother letting her know what should be done with the paint in his clothes and that she could call me at school if she felt it was necessary.

    All in all, a funny day in art.
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    Apr 13, 2010

    I had this happen once, only it was a 7th grader getting his own paint when I was student teaching. The paint was in small squeeze containers....the lids must not have been on all that well. He went to shake it a little to get the paint to the top like in a ketchup bottle.

    Off came the lid...his nice white shoes and pants were not a phalo green. The girl standing next to him...ALL the way down her leg and all over her shoes. HUGE splat on the floor. that splatted up the wall.

    I had to write a note for the girl b/c I made her change into her gym shorts so she wouldn't get busted for dress code problems. and was soaking her pants the rest of the afternoon!

    I sprayed glue on a K kids face one on accident, who still brings it up all the time! I always tell them..if the glu won't come out, close it..pick the junk off the end, open and feel for air. I went to show him how we can feel the air come it splatted on his face!

    Art...we never claimed we stay clean! :D
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    May 18, 2010

    Yesterday I had a first grader come into breakfast and she was wearing these fantastic star sunglasses.

    I asked her where she got them and she replied "I got them at the fly market". I thought that was adorable.

    Another one of my first grade students was asking me how the baby was doing (I'm nine months pregnant), and I said he's doing great, just growing. She said "Good, I pray for you and your baby". I was just stunned with the idea that she thought of me and my unborn child at night enough to pray for us. I'm not religious myself, but the idea of a child looking out for us really warmed me.

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