Anyone know if Crown Tutoring is a legitimate business?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by AnthonyA, Sep 5, 2009.

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    Sep 5, 2009

    I ask for a number of reasons.

    For one, I answered a job that was posted on Craig's list (as is this one) and it was a scam. Won't go into details but it was a scam 100%.

    Secondly, the person wants to hire me so I can start with a client right away...yet she isn't going to set up a face to face meeting.
    She doesn't even have my SS# to do a background check on me.

    There were a few other odd/unprofessional things (lack of materials, etc.)

    She is an independent contractor. I think she is simply unprofessional, but you never know.

    I went on the Better Business Bureau site and the company is in business for a year with no reports.

    Anyway, if someone has any info please let me know.

    Their website is the above listed .com



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