Anyone have tips to becoming an online educator

Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by TeacherCuriousExplore, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Being that I teach ESL online full time, I am starting to toy with the idea of becoming a certified online educator. I wouldn't mind being an online college instructor once I finish my Master or teach to an online public school. Substituting has opened my eyes and made me realize that teaching in a classroom is something that I could not forever. I thought public school would be different from early childhood education, but I have been sadly mistaken lol! While I love classroom teaching, I am finding that the kids are unruly and schools can be unprofessional no matter what level I decide to teach. Staying online teaching from home is ideal. However, I am not sure how to get started. I researched where I can obtain certification for online education, and it covers teaching college-level classes online from home.

    I subbed in SPED yesterday with children who have invisible disabilities, and they were a handful. I commend SPED teachers, but that work is not for me. The school atmosphere reminded me why I left working in a preschool facility owned by my parents. The culture of the school was much like what I left! I had to come in today, but I called out, and I assume the administration did not like it and removed me from a future job I had with them. I couldn't care less, but I found that removing me from a next job for merely calling out is a school I wouldn't want to teach for no way. Working from home I do not have to deal with people issues and attitudes. Never will I sub there again.

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