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Discussion in 'General Education' started by HRE, May 6, 2017.

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    I graduated with my education degree in 2011, and at this time, the PRAXIS II exams were not required in order to become highly qualified. In addition, in order to convert from an initial license to a continuing license, you had the option of simply being rated "proficient" in all areas of the summative teaching evaluation. I didn't actually use my license until 2014, the year that the state exams became required in order to convert your license, but since my degree was conferred in 2011, I assumed that I was fine and that the old requirements still applied to me. Therefore, I never took the state exams over the years. I've been teaching for 3 years now, and next month I have to convert to a continuing license or my license will expire. I have signed up for the PRAXIS II exams just in case, and I've passed one and will be taking the other next week, but can anyone confirm that the old rules still apply to me? Or if not, do you know what will happen if I don't pass the upcoming exam and my initial license expires? I can't call the appropriate people to ask about this until Monday, and I've been worried about it all day.

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    What were the requirements you had to meet to get your license?
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    I get that you graduated in 2011, and had you gone into teaching then, you would have earned, the proficient ratings in the summative teaching evaluation for those years between 2011-2014. But you didn't earn any of those ratings because you were not employed, so I would doubt that you can escape the Praxis exams to convert to a continuing license. The good news is that with Praxis exams being given on computers, there are more opportunities to take the test (with 30 days between attempts of the same test), and your experience may be very helpful in passing the exams. Your best bet, however, will be to call the state DOE on Monday, and ask them "What if?". If you have been getting good evaluations since starting working, they may well be able to help you out since you have already started taking the exams. Best of luck.

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