Any Classroom Blogs out there?

Discussion in 'Fourth Grade' started by TXTeacherW, Feb 15, 2015.

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    Any 4th grade teachers out there that have their students involved in blogging? We just started one a couple weeks ago. I blog pictures of fun things we do in class, and students submit blog entries. It also serves as a place for parents (and students) to go for information about upcoming events, grading policies, etc.

    It has been a wonderful motivator for getting work turned in, and I have used it successfully for positive reinforcement. I also like that I can put specific links, math games, etc that I want them to explore.

    I'm trying to find other similar blogs, as my 4th graders have shown interest in looking at other classroom websites. Right now, I have one link on our site to a class that has a similar website.

    It seems most classroom blogs are strictly teacher-driven or simply a teacher blog (not class blog).

    You can visit our blog from my profile if you are interested in seeing what I'm talking about.

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