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Discussion in 'High School' started by MizDubya, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    Just finished reading the postings for the Rec. Letters, and had a slightly different question I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out with.

    The parents of one of my students recently sent me a recommendation to fill out for her daughter, who will most likely be transferring to a different independent school. (Note that there was no asking, just an imperative "you have to do this because the school she is transferring to needs to hear from her English teacher"--but that's a horse of a different color). Anyway, I'm stumped as to what to write about her "strengths." I've only had her for about 3 months at this point, and as a new teacher, I'm not really conversant yet with the types of comments one might give to such a question.

    Some background on the student: She had some trouble with deadlines at the beginning of the year, does well in grammar and vocabulary tests, less well on essay assignments, but does not seem to be particularly tuned in in class--she never, ever participates (unless forced to) and often seems to be in her own little dream world. She's not a behavior problem, but she's also not really a contributing member of class. She

    Any suggestions about how to be truthful about her strengths, while also being reasonably supportive?


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