Alternatives to Teaching?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by corunnermom, Nov 26, 2018.

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    I love this has helped me so much and has given me great support. I had to make a big decision and I resigned from my teaching job about a month ago. I'm leaving after winter break. To make a long story short, I had to return to teaching after ten years for financial reasons. I went through a horrible, abusive divorce and I'm really struggling. I'm not emotionally, mentally and physically available for the kids...they really need me at a Title 1 school. I hit a rock bottom place and decided to move back home to live with family, as it's just my dog and I here in Colorado. I lost my only daughter six years ago and there is too much loss where I live for me to handle without support...too much has happened too soon.

    All that being said, my plan is to substitute teach when I move and get a side job. However, I'm thinking of putting my feelers out there for other job opportunities where I can use my teaching degree. I was a program coordinator for a summer where I helped at-risk youth and I loved it. I still was able to work with kids and families, but I was my own boss and loved the data/grant-writing end of it. I'm looking for something like this in Minnesota. If my finances allow, I've also thought of going to grad school and getting a masters in school counseling. However, I still need to make some cash. Any ideas for what I could do besides teach full-time? I think I need to be in a better place before I dive into the classroom again. Or maybe it's time for me to go another route. Any ideas, thoughts?
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    Some school districts employee grant writers.

    Our district also partners with a university to provide extended services to our students. The coordinator plans enrichment activities and sometimes works in classrooms, but doesn’t have designated class teaching duties.

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