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    I went to school and was hired as a math teacher. They noticed my acumen for computers and I started teaching computers as well. This year we approved a 1:1 iPad program and I have been put in charge of them. So now I am teaching half time and doing district tech half time. No math classes.

    I have always known how to keep my students working in math but computers has been a struggle. I tend to let them get off task playing games or watching videos as long as they are either completing assignments on time or aware that they are losing points.

    I do not want to do this next year. I want to have multiple projects in progress at all times and have alternative activities so that they have something to do bell to bell.

    My idea was to let them play games during "free" time but with a caveat. They have a specific set of games that they are allowed to play on the iPad. The games are of my choosing and they must have either educational value in some other subject or for non-educational games they must have some sort of economy and students must keep track of the data and budget it. Students would earn points by climbing up the class leader boards or earning achievements.

    The problem is that while this may interest many of the students there are usually a handful of girls that have no interest in games whatsoever. They just want to view Pinterest and Youtube videos.

    Do I make everyone do the same thing or is there some other alternative but similar assignment I could make for the other students?
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    I would not allow students to view youtube without an objective. There's way too many inappopriate things that they could navigate to - accidentally or otherwise.

    Rather than play games with free time, is there an ongoing project that they could work on whenever they finish the activity of the day? Maybe they could design a ppt or a wiki that meets some objective? If they are going to play games than I agree that they should be educational. Give them a selection of games that meet your criteria and make sure they target both genders.

    Good luck.

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