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Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by clynns, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I have an awesome group of 19 kids this year. I have four that I just don't think are getting it. We learn about three letters a week and two words. My kids have been doing so well. When I introduce a letter we talk about the sound and the way it looks. We look at many different picture cards that go with the letter. My assistant helps students find and cut out pictures that go with the letter we are learning. We are making one page for each letter to make an alphabet book for each child. For homework I have sent home flash cards and practice writing. I would love to know what you've found that works for lower students learning letters. I'd thought about making flash card necklaces or something the kids could wear pertaining to the letters we are learning. Please tell me what works for you. Thanks sooo much!
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    The pace of 3 letters a week may be too fast for them. Some kids just need more time to absorb it, that way there are multiple times to see and learn the info.

    Here are some suggestions:
    Lettercise song from Dr. Jean. Have your struggling kids take turns being the pointer as you hold up an alphabet poster. (Pointing is the key for students to remember the letter/sound connection)

    Instead of cutting out pictures from magazines of things that begin with the letter, give them a worksheet with pictures that do/don't begin with the letter. It's less overwhelming for them.

    The kids can also highlight the letters in magazines or newspapers.

    Give each child a paper with 2 letters at the top. Show a picture. Have the kids put a marker by the letter. Then tell them which letter the marker should be by.

    Give the kids two letter cards. They can hold up the correct letter card for the picture you show.

    Instead of just showing picture cards, ask kids to tell you words that begin with a certain sound. Write the list down and have your strugglers come up and circle the target letter in each word.

    Circle the target letter in big books with wiki stix (my kids LOVE doing this!!!)

    Letter Arcs....the kids start at A and go to Z. They first say the letter names forwards, then backwards. Then we do the sounds forwards and backwards. Then we play I spy a the letter that makes the ___ sound. Or. I spy a letter that's at the beginning of the word ____.

    If you can find an inexpensive snack for the letter, kids can make better connections if they can use more senses when learning.

    Tell the kids to get their magic pencil in the air (index finger) and make the letter with you. It's important to talk about the stokes as they are making the letter. And then make the letter on a friend's back.

    I hope I could help.
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    I agree with little, I think 3 letters a week is a lot. I think kids need a while to process the information after it is given to them. In my experience, some students will only catch on to a few letters/sounds or none at all, then in January or February, a light goes on and suddenly they start picking up on everything- I think it is just a maturity thing with some of them.
    A lot of my students love using when we first start learning the letters and when they see and hear the sound at the same time from someone other than me, it seems to make an impact.
    I also review letters over and over and over and over- I send home practice sheets, with make letters we have previously learned with play dough, we talk about them in every when we read books, etc.
    One of my favorite activities we do when we first learn a letter is to make a poster- I write the letter in the middle of chart paper, and the kids tell me anything they can think of that starts with that letter, and I draw a picture of it and write the words- they get a kick out of this since my drawing skills aren't up to par. Then, they make their own poster copying three of the pictures-for some reason, they love this!!
    Good luck!! :)
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    We become detectives and look through books, magazines, and newspapers for the letters. We also look around the classroom, at the class carpet, and around the school (that breaks the monotony of being in the classroom).

    I make flipcharts with pictures of objects that start with the letters in the shape of the letters.

    The kids make letter books and we do "rainbow words" tracing activities.

    I make sure to point out classmates' names, cartoon and tv characters, toys and foods that start with the same letter.

    We use and often...

    I work at a dual language immersion school, so virtually ALL of my students are second language learners. I use MANY pictures and concrete items.

    I teach them the names of objects on picture cards, then I place huge pieces of paper with the focus letters on them around the room, distribute the cards to the students, then give them about 1 minute to find the letter they need to stand by.

    I will sometimes dress up like the letter (letter on a t-shirt or a big piece of paper on my shirt) and "introduce" myself to the students.

    Get some sand and bury the focus letters in it (upper and lowercase) and have the kiddos find them.
    So many fun things to do with letter learning!
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    I'm so glad I found this post! I need alphabet help too. Last year all my kids knew their letters! This year it's like they've never heard of the alphabet.
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    Zoo phonics is awesome! We are in our 4th week of school and almost all of my kids know the sounds of the abc's. We are starting to be able to sound out words for reading and writing. I've got kids who don't know how to write their names still, but they know the sounds of the abc's!
    This is our 4th year doing the program and I highly recommend it!

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