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    I don’t know if education is going in the right direction. Today is Sunday and I want to be in a forgiving mood – forgiving Trump’s personality or maybe not personality, but his confidence that we all have to be more hardcore. I can honestly tell you that I was pretty hardcore – was so surprised by how lax education had become by the 1980’s when I went from working in industry to teaching high school. But I softened because it was explained to me that many students were going to fail and have a miserable life – they were not going to learn as much, but we had to pass them to help them stay positive, feel good about themselves, etc., etc., etc…..

    Back in the 1950s, a lot of farmers’ kids in upstate NY, including myself completed the whole book in all five courses: English, History, Math, Science, Elective. Of course there was no book for gym, but every day we had 6 classes and then went home to work really hard on the farm milking cows, cleaning the barn, etc. and then doing a lot of homework.

    BTW, an insert here – I recall going off to college in the big city and there were all the social geniuses who even back then didn’t relate to me. Even though many, probably most were much more intelligent that me, I seemed to know the basic academics better than they did. However, they got ahead of me because I lacked the social skills of making money. I was the nice guy that always felt I had to give more than I received. I suspect that I might have known science better than Donald.

    Now days everyone acts like completing the whole book is unreasonable. AND now they try to say that the students learn more depth – less is more. But I have noticed that most of today’s students do not learn depth. Back in the 1950s we had to learn to derive everything – everything had to be soundly connected from 1+1 = 2 all the way to the top. I believe that even on the NYS regents exam we had some essays requiring derivations. And passing the regents was easy. Our teachers required us to pass their tests which were always much more difficult than the regents. And I will admit, I did fail one grade.

    Now, finally, the toughest point, but it should be said. Another big deal for everyone since probably the 80’s is how so many used the excuse that all the learning caused us to be hardcore and mean and horrible personalities. But it is very clear to me, and I would have to say many others that (and sorry to say this) that the people in the farm country were way nicer to be around, kinder, gentler toward others, etc., etc., etc…… I am not going to say it stayed that way. I don’t think it is still that way there now because many farmers went out of business and a lot of people from the city moved to the country bringing a whole new culture with them and it wasn’t and isn’t pretty.

    All this is hard to say. And I admit that I feel like a hypocrite because I caved. And they made me mad when they said that if we are going to make more money, then we have to do more, but in such a way that it seemed the students had to do much less! In my defense, I did feel those who educated me made good points – less is more, be kinder and gentler, etc., etc., etc…. I have to wonder which side is right? If education is not good in the USA, well maybe it is ok to be a poor country. Maybe the other countries would do as I would love to see – all cultures, colors and intelligences working side by side, creating an easier way to get this or that done – no need to nuke each other, etc…….
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    I'm not sure if this is reminiscing, rambling, or a rant.

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