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    Here is some background: I team taught 2nd and 4th grade last year.At the end of the year I was RIFed.School started August 25th. I got offered a job 2 weeks ago as a building sub. It was at my school from last year(that I loved). It wasn't a teaching job but it's what they had to offer me. Well today I was offered a 2nd grade job eleswhere. I obviously took it b/c it is a full time teaching job and though I am soo sad to leave my current school I am also very excited for my own room.

    So question time...where do I start. I think the kids have had 2 teachers so I know procedures and all that is big.I'm so worried it's a rough school, Title One, very low economic, very diverse with the majority hispanic and african american. It is going to be a shock from where I am at but I did my student teaching and a year of aiding in inner city schools. I think I just need advice, lists of priority procedures...anything.

    I haven't posted in awhile because well I was bummed but now I know I'm going to be here all the time. Well I've been lurking all summer but not really replying..thanks guys

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