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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Backroads, Sep 27, 2019.

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    1. When you have a student who is significantly squirrelier/distracted/spacier than average for their age group and it is impacting their ability to learn in the classroom. You try your toolbox strategies and also mention to the parents what you're observing. The parents' solution is "keep them back from recess and make them finish the work." Noo.... you're missing the point.

    2. Kids in lower elementary saying "I don't know how to color." Kid, you're very young! We're not holding you to Rembrandt standards yet!

    3. Having to justify and explain every little thing we do in class. What standard are we fulfilling by this traditional school activity?
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    Smile and tell them that it is your standard, you love watching artists "grow", and politely tell the parents, that since they seem to have a grasp on what motivates their son, you will be happy to send the missing work home with him, where he has more free time that they can choose from to implement their wonderful solutions. Win-win all around. Happy Friday!
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    That's scary. I fear it's becoming a standard for life, too. I recall a TV commercial from years ago, where a mother is trying various sports with her child, and because the child stumbles through first try, she figures she needs to try another sport, one after the other. Made for a funny commercial, but in reality, messing up is part of the process. I recall a story in a reading basal about Mozart, which glorified his early childhood accomplishments as if they were somehow magically bestowed upon him and how he [seemingly, in the story] was perfect from the get go. And there's a psychologist I know who's concerned about the de-emphasis on creativity. Everything is cut and dry, do it this way, do it that way....Here's a thought.

    If everyone robotically produced the same, thought the same, did the same, and if no one was allowed to learn by growing, where would we be right now? There would be no M theory. There wouldn't even be a theory of relativity. Non-stick frying pans wouldn't exist because the scientist who discovered the original chemical would have tried to hide his error in the original experiment. Well, actually, experiments wouldn't exist either--why go against the grain? There would be no free thinking. We'd be living in an Orwellian society. Sorry-----have to stop writing----Big Brother just saw what I was replying. Got to go............
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    We are not allowed to keep kids in from recess. In all of my yrs, I have only had 2 kids who pushed me to that point. Both times, it ruined my prep time, frustrated me worse to have no break from the kid, and the kids acted worse the rest of the day. It was close to torture for me.
    Kids who are really squirrely may have no boundaries at home. The ones I have dealt with recently, came from chaotic homes.
    As teachers, we are often forced to "pussyfoot" around some issues. Sometimes, I think we'd be doing parents a favor to be extremely direct with them, but most parents, here at least, couldn't handle it.
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