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    Dec 18, 2005

    I was really excited this Christmas because finally I'm going to have money to buy my boyfriend some half-way decent gifts. I usually just buy him some clothes and maybe a cd or two, but I usually don't have very much money to spend. This year, since I'm working as a long term sub, I'm making pretty good money so I've got some to spend on gifts. I bought my boyfriend an Ipod Nano because it's what he really wanted. I've been extremely excited about giving him this gift since the beginning of November when I bought it. Then, last weekend, his grandmother called him and asked what he thought about Ipods. She said that her and his grandfather were going to buy him the new Ipod Video for Christmas. He's been really excited about it ever since. He has mentioned that he still would rather have the Nano, though. Well, after she called him, I had to sneak down to the basement and pretend I was doing laundry to call her back and let her know that I already bought one. She was pretty disappointed because now she doesn't know what to get him, but I told her I bought it over a month ago and have been really excited about giving it to him. She said that she was going to get him accessories to go with it then...which is great, but then I have to make sure he doesn't open those gifts before I give him the Ipod which means I would have to give it to him earlier than planned probably. Well, a few days later I talked to his little sister online and she said that her grandparents were thinking about just giving him money. I said great and told her that they should just call him and say that the stores down there (in Florida) have been all sold out of the Ipods and that they're going to send him the money to buy one for himself after Christmas. They said that's what they'd do, but they haven't called him and now he's telling me that he wants to see his sister when she arrives from Florida on Thursday to get the gift from her! I am NOT giving him his Ipod that early! I talked to his sister today and she said that she doesn't know what his grandparents are getting him. I'm not happy. Why won't these people work with me and let me surprise him the way I wanted? I'm so upset.
    Wow...sorry, this is pretty long. :eek:
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    Oh Beth, this reminds me of ordeals with my inlaws! Get use to it dear, but hopefully you wont have to give it to him too early. If so, it's ok. He'll love it just as much no matter when he receives it.

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