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    Okay, so in an effort to save up more money, I'm making more work for myself this year. :) I am going to teach an after school reading class two days a week, and my latest idea: a photography class. I love photography, and while I wouldn't say I'm a professional photographer or anything, I guess you could say I was an aspiring photographer. :) I believe I'm capible to teach a class. We'd go over the camera functions, basic composition, simple editing techniques, go on little photo excursions (they'd have to be on campus though). They could edit their photos on iphoto on the apple laptops we have. Maybe once a month they we could have a gallery where they present a slideshow of their photos on their laptop and parents could walk around and possibly vote for the top three to be published on the school website (I'm the webmaster too:D). Maybe if teachers get any funding for the classes, each child could choose their best photo and I could get them printed at Costco.

    So, here's my problem. I'm wondering how many kids will have access to a digital camera and be able to bring in the cord to transfer photos and a charged battery every week. What if the cameras get lost, stolen, or broken at school? We might have a few cameras kids could use at school, but if we do it's only a few.

    Also, I teach in an elementary school, so what age kids do you think would be capable of this class? I'm thinking maybe 4th-6th graders? I've never really worked with kids that age - but since this is a fun class that they are choosing to be in I don't think I should expect too many behavior problems.... and if so, they'll have to leave the class! I just think it maybe too much for the younger kids, although I'm debating about 3rd graders.

    Let me know if you guys think of any potential problems or solutions for me. :)

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