Advice wanted: dealing with student's aggression torwards self

Discussion in 'Special Education Archives' started by syd622, Oct 14, 2006.

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    One of my students had a very bad day. The play by play goes something like this: I have a young lady in my class who displays her anger, frustration, and unhappiness through behavioral outbursts. During the day such outbursts can happen numerous times in different classrooms. Last week, she engaged in this behavior in my class. During a test, my student decided to ask other students for answers.
    Her behavior was reported and she became enraged: she called another student a B---- and proceeded to take out a sharp pencil from her binder & throw it directly at a the student's face. The pencil struck point first under the other student's (centimeters from her) left eye.
    My student then began to cry, scream and bang her fists on her desk. I tried to clam her down. I told her to please not worry about the test, and that I would take her down to the counselor's office so that she could have a private place to cool down. My student clamed down, she began to do her work, and I began to help get the class back on track.

    This is the point where everything got much worse:
    My student again became enraged as she threw her book, binder, and classwork on the floor.
    As I was escorting her to the counselor's office, she took off in her wheelchair. During her flight, she purposely used one of the chair wheels on her wheelchair to run over another student's foot in the hallway (and she caused another student to fall down). I asked a neighboring special ed teacher for help (and I sent a general ed teacher to the office for help).

    I calmly walked behind my student as she circled the third floor, I never let her out of my sight. When she attempted to take her wheelchair towards a flight of stairs, I had to take action. I locked the brakes on her chair and the other special ed. teacher pulled her chair away from the stairwell. My student began to scream, cry, pull her hair, scratch, bite, and hurt herself. Other teachers came out of their rooms....we now had an audience. Finally, a counselor, vice principal, and a school policeman arrived on the scene. It took ten minutes for all three professionals to come to the third floor.

    *In the past, my student has been known to bite, kick, and hit her special education teachers. She has done none of this to me. During the whole ordeal she turned her anger and frustration inward. She and I have always had a good rapport.

    Needless to say, after the incident was over, I cried my eyes out. I truly care about my students and can't imagine any of them wanting to hurt themselves or others.

    Please, have advice for me in dealing effectively with my student.
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    wow, that is rough. my guess she isn't sure how to deal with her anger in a productive way. do you have a behavior specialist to talk to about it?

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