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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Emmy&Me, Jul 28, 2015.

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    I've been asked to an interview for a 5th grade position. My experience is all primary (2nd grade and under). This is a position that I REALLY want. Can anyone who has gone through an interview for this grade, or has been on the panel give me some ideas of what the interview may consist of? I know this much, it's 1 interview (no second interviews, no demo lessons) and it's with admin and the team. I'm very nervous about grade specific questions since I've never taught that grade or anywhere close to it. However I have very strong recommendations, evaluations etc that (I hope) demonstrate I'm completely capable and a quick learner.
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    Congrats on the opportunity. :)

    I would relax. I am going to guess that the panel will understand you don't have experience in that grade. I have taught 5th, but I can't think of any grade-specific questions they might ask. The curriculum here in California is US History (as far as social studies goes). They may ask you questions on how you would deal with some "older grade" issues. In 5th grade, particularly the spring, there can be some "mean girl" or "cruel boy" issues, but again, nothing that is so unusual that they might require their own questions.

    Let them know how excited you are for the chance to teach a grade that you've really wanted to teach. I think if they see your passion, they'll know they're making a good choice in hiring you!

    Best of luck! Let us know how it goes. :)
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    I teach 5th grade and have helped interview for similar grade levels such as 4th and 6th. While questions will vary, there are some questions that are highly likely to be asked. Here are some:

    Describe how you deal with classroom management in your classroom? (This ? seems to be always asked in a teaching interview.)

    How do you communicate with parents?

    How would you deal with a difficult parent?

    Describe how you would go about deciding how you would teach math in your classroom?

    Describe how you would go about deciding how you would teach reading in your classroom?

    What is your experience with STEM and how might you implement STEM in your classroom?

    What is your experience with technology and how might you implement technology in your classroom?

    How might you differentiate instruction in your classroom?

    Why do you want to teach 5th grade?

    Why do you want to teach at this particular school?

    The wording of these ?'s is probably a bit different, but this gives some of the topics that are common in an interview.

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