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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by Maithal, Sep 16, 2014.

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    I am teaching my first year as a preschool head start teacher (for low income families) in a public school. I've taught before (pre-k head start, 2nd grade, and kindergarten). I have a boy who is a runner. I literally chase after him. It's terrible. Already started the SRBI process for him.

    I'm having trouble with my schedule. It must be posted on our door.

    8:30 – Arrival

    8:45 AM – Breakfast & Tooth Brushing

    9:15 AM – Circle Time

    9:30 AM – Center Time

    10:50 AM – Outdoor Time

    11:40 AM – Circle Time

    11:50 AM – Lunch

    12:30 – Home

    My question is this... I like to do a quick "hello" song with kids, before breakfast, and some kids get dropped off (4 of them) while rest of them go on bus. Bus has been arriving at 8:45. So, kids read books on carpet until then or I read to them, wash hands, and wait for their friends. Sometimes we start breakfast early. Should I just wait until after breakfast to sing the hello song so we aren't doing a lot of sitting? Or should I write, Arrival and Greeting together?

    What do you think? Also, after Center Time, I have kids sit on the carpet on their names (tape with names on it) before going outside. That is a good procedure correct?

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    Do you have an assistant?

    If so, I would make breakfast a very relaxed, staggered time, where children can just start eating as they arrive (informal greeting by one adult at door where child is guided to put personal items away, wash hands and join the breakfast area to eat). One adult at door, one adult with breakfast.

    Then, as the first children finish eating, one adult still with latecomers eating breakfast & brushing teeth, and one adult doing a transitional activity. Some possibilities: small finger toys, informal reading on the carpet, music & movement, journaling, etc. As the last children are finishing breakfast, adult at the carpet signals students to start gathering for the circle time. At this time, tables can be quickly cleaned for play time.

    Sing your hello song at the start of the circle time as a welcome to the start of the "academic" day. Then go into your writing/group discussion/introducing materials, etc. and dismiss to centers.

    I would also try to make the second circle time a formal read-aloud. That way the children always know what to expect.

    DAP is to minimize wait time and keep group times short also.

    Looks like you're on the right track!
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    Sep 25, 2014

    Minimize the wait time .. it helps you .. else your time table pretty perfect
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    Sep 25, 2014

    Kids have to brush their teeth? That seems like it could be hectic!!
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    Head Start requires family style eating with staff at the table, so staggered breakfast is not an option. My class arrives on 2 separate buses with a few drop off's. The children use the restroom, and then look at books in the book area until everyone arrives. My first group enjoyed helping me get things ready for the day. Once the whole group was there we did a 5 minute circle with "Welcome Song" and message of the day etc. Then we washed and ate. While tables were cleared they did tub toys(manip's) on the group rug. I have been in different Head Starts that had different tooth brushing procedures. Your schedule looks good, be prepared to tweak it based on the children in your room. Do you have a door alarm for your runner? I have had many runners and have found the best thing is to make them helpers to keep them occupied. The children can be helping set the breakfast table.
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    Oh, you haven't LIVED till you brush teeth with twenty preschoolers!:lol:
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    ^^^I HATED teeth brushing when I had to do it in private preschool. lol

    Anyway, that sucks that you can't do staggered breakfast. I do agree that you should start the "hello" song to signal the beginning of your actual day. Anything else should be super informal. Are they playing with any table activities/toys during arrival time? I feel like books during that waiting period can get monotonous after a while. How long exactly is the wait?

    What are you doing about the runner? Where is he running to? Outside the room?

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