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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Jess J, Feb 17, 2019.

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    Feb 17, 2019

    Hey everyone! I am brand new to this forum. I am seeking advice for a situation that I have been handed by my administration. I teach fourth grade in a very rural area of South Carolina. This is my fifth year teaching so I wouldn’t say I’m brand new, but not quite a veteran.
    My AP pulled me into her office earlier this week and told me they are placing a student from another class into mine starting Monday (tomorrow). This student has been in trouble many times, suspended many times, and was finally up for expulsion. They had his expulsion hearing and it was denied. His ‘return to school’ plan states that he has to have a new classroom placement. I was the lucky teacher chosen. I have all of these things I have to follow-he has to have his own desk away from my other students, has to use the bathroom without anyone else in the restroom,etc. I am very worried how this will disrupt my classroom community. I am very nervous and don’t really know what to expect. Any advice/ encouragement would be greatly appreciated and welcomed! ❤️
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    I deal with major behaviors. I just left a whiny post about an AP dealing with one earlier today.

    I'm assuming this child is not new to your school. Is there a plan in place to help you? Does he meet with the school counselor or is there a safe room for the child to go to when frustrated? Do you know what triggers him? Is there a BSP?

    In special ed we are supposed to determine what is the function of the behavior- if we can figure out what he is attempting to achieve with this behavior- (task avoidance, communication, etc.), we can teach a more appropriate replacement behavior over time. Building any kind of positive bond or relationship with a kid like this can be a lifeline- school is probably someplace this guy does not want to be due to all negative experiences.Creating some kind of link to something positive as soon as you can will help a great deal- it doesn't have to be academic. If you can get buy in now, you will be able to start to turn the tide of this kid.

    Seating away from other kids, and especially using the restroom away from other kids, coupled with expulsion hearing sounds at the very least like anti-social behavior and more likely, some kind of assault on others. Can he use the health office restroom where someone can patrol who is, and is not, already in the restroom? You have built up the community in your classroom already, and you have that in place. Continue with the strength if the new kiddo attempts to pull it down. I would remove any areas of your classroom that are out of your line of sight (ie a reading corner with bookshelves around) so you can scope out this kiddo at all times.

    It can be so terribly frustrating to have one child pull apart a classroom dynamic. Until you look at that one child and realize they would most likely not do these behaviors if they had any skills to help them do otherwise. There is probably a scared, angry, frustrated and confused child in the mind of that little boy- who has some serious deficits- can he not communicate? Is he attempting to hide a learning challenge? Is he coming from chaos and responding to that? Possible psychiatric concerns?

    I don't know if this helps. Being friendly, firm and not apologetic has helped me. Being matter of fact (but not over-sharing) with my other students has helped them. Reaching out to the parent and building a sense of "we can do this together" has been a huge support, too.

    Very best wishes.
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    Feb 25, 2019

    How are things going? I hope that things are not so horrible for you! Hang in there! Keep us updated!

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