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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by pabef, Sep 8, 2012.

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    I used to be the director of a small church preschool. A year ago I made the decision to return to teaching when my 4 year-old teacher resigned. I did not enjoy all of the paperwork and headache that comes from being director. I love teaching and wanted to return to the classroom. So I hired my replacement and did just that! It was the best decision I ever made. It has been great until recently. One of my coworkers, (which I hired!), resigned saying that I have been belittling her in front of the other teachers and talking about her. We have actually been friends for a long time. Our kids grew up together. I have always joked about her smoking so much but this is the only thing I have done and I do no understand why, after all these years, this is enough to make her quit. The director has had to speak to her several times about abscences and leaving during school hours for personal emergencies. I dealt with the same thing when I was director. It is always something serious for her so it is hard to say no, but it just kept getting worse. Each time she was spoken to, she blamed me for "tattling." (Like junior high!) We hired someone immediatley. I am just having a hard time with the fact that someone left because they think I was being unkind. My director told me not to talk to her becuase she was tired of the drama. I did, however, write her a note on her last day hoping to patch things up (even though I don't think I did anything wrong). She did not respond. I also feel like my director did not back me up. How do I move on and get passed this? P.S. The other teachers think things will be better without her.
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    This isn't about you, it's about her. There is nothing you can do. Things like that happen at my job all the time, and I do not even work in the field yet. People want out and blame everything they can because they are avoiding the real reasons. I am positive it is not you. We had a night auditor that quit one time and he said that reason was that the controller was nasty to him. She never ever showed him anything but kindness and respect. She felt the same way you do. She kept wondering what she did wrong and blaming herself. It did't have anything to do with her. It was just him looking for a way out where he didn't have to deal with the real reason that he wanted to leave. That real reason was that he just hated being there and no job was better than the one that he had. Just do what you supervisor tells you and avoid contact. That person will leave as she seems quite miserable. There is nothing that you can do. Just pray for her and let God handle it.
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    Been in this situation...don't worry about it. She was not a team-player and needed to be gone. It's not your fault or your problem. Forget it and enjoy your job!
    As for the Director not backing you up, that stinks. I've had that happen. Talk it over with her and tell her how you feel (if you can't get past this.) The most you might get is an apology, but directors get tired of dealing with the drama, too.

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