Advice for teaching 5th grade model lessons in Science and SS?

Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by Rainbowbird, May 7, 2011.

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    Hi, 5th grade teachers,

    I have just interviewed for a 5th grade position in these two subject areas. Hoping to get a call back to teach model lessons in each one. Do you have any advice for fun, one-shot lessons in these areas? For science, I think I will be doing a light or sound lesson because the panel asked me about these topics in the interview and I was not as strong in my response as I would have liked to be. I am more of a life sciences person, although I have taught many physics lessons, it's been a long time. So I want to show them that I can do it well.

    For SS, I suspect the topic will be Westward Expansion.

    I have previously taught 2nd and 3rd grade (3 years in gr. 2 and 5 years in gr. 3) so I'm a little nervous.

    But really excited about this job prospect, because I love science and ss and have my M.S. in Science Education.

    Thanks for any thoughts. I love this forum-- it is really going to become home to me if I get the job! :)

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