Advice for Severe and Multiple Special Education Intervieew

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    Advice for Severe and Multiple Special Education Interview

    Does anyone have experience with interviews for Severe and Multiple/Life skills classes on the elementary level? I have taught children with severe disabilities, but it wasn't the class I originally interviewed for instead I was just moved in there. I really liked the children and would like to work at this level again, but I'm not sure what they would ask me in an interview because it is so different from other teaching positions.
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    I taught Moderate Life Skills in NC for few years but we interviewed a few Severe/Profound candidates for our middle school class. I would think they would ask you about parent engagement, how you would manage personal care-toileting etc., how you would teach daily living skills or integrate community based activities, behavior strategies and if you have experience with FBA's and BIPs and managing a group of assistants/related service providers. They may also throw out a few specific IEP goals and ask for some ways you may address the them. I always liked to ask how the teacher would include the students with the general ed population. Good luck!!

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