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    Im making a teacher-made material for a class project and for the assignment we have to have adaptations for the material. My project is using cloths pins to help the pincer grasp. If anyone knows any adaptations for this project they would be appreciated. The age level is 2-5, Erly Childhood Special Education.
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    Somewhere I saw a project where you have the clother pins of differnt colors and you pin them on as the tail feathers of a turkey made from poster board. You could paint the wooden pins to match a short feather of the same color on the turkey's tail. You could also make a flower from a circle as the center and using the pins as the petals. There are other objects... an octopus, a sun, a spider, various animals. Make the pins be the animals' legs. You could make them match colors, shapes, letters, or numbers on the objects. You know, after brain storming on this, I'm going to have to make me some of these for my little ones!

    If you want to work on something even more finer. Look at craft stores or the DOLLAR TREE (if you have one of those) for the TINY little clothes pins. The ones I've seen come in bright colors or natural wood. They maybe around an inch in size.

    GOOD LUCK! Hope that helped!

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