Activities on Multiple Meaning Words for 6th grade - very small group!

Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by MetalTeacher, Jan 30, 2017.

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    I'm trying to work out a fun activity for students in a 6th grade English class and I need to cover words with multiple meanings.

    This is a remedial block and I only have four students in this group. I'm drawing a blank because I've looked up ideas for a couple activities, but most of them (such as, print pairs of cards and have students search for the student with the card with the definition that matches their word) would work better with larger groups of students. When I only have four kids, one of which I hear is absent frequently, I feel like this activity (and others like it) wouldn't work very well.

    Do you have any ideas, or things you've used before, that might help me out?

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