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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by rsuley86, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Aug 10, 2013

    Hi everyone! I am teaching an ACT reading class this fall and was wondering if anyone taught anything similar? I have the following ideas, but -considering I've had no direction-I'm not sure if it's enough.

    1. Basic ACT reading test information/tips
    2. How to annotate or mark up a passage
    3. Identify the topic, main idea, and details of passage
    4. Apply #3 to various non-fiction texts
    5. Help them read faster (this is my biggest concern)

    We are rotating kids every 4-5 weeks, so this doesn't seem enough to fill up the time. Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! :help::eek::whistle:
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    Aug 24, 2013

    Practice reading ACT tests... showing them how to engage previous knowledge.
    Active reading strategies
    Figuring out what the questions are asking-- and marking up the questions too! That helps my students when they can summarize what the question is looking for.
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    I did several last minute ACT preps, and some of my students improved their Reading section scores significantly (one even went up 15 points!). All I really did was give them a timed practice test (just the reading section), discuss the different types of passages and have them look at what they missed and assess which sections are their most difficult, and then tell them the different strategies.

    I point out to them that if the test were not timed, we'd all get perfect scores, and that the problem is that we are trying to read every word carefully and we have to STOP doing that. I tell them that for most people, marking main ideas, important words, words they've never seen, etc., as they read is the best way to go (so they can find it quickly when they are looking for answers). Some prefer to read the questions first (but that doesn't work for me), etc., etc.

    Then, I give them the four passages separately and time them individually (approximately 9 minutes apiece). I suggest they then try marking as they go for a couple and reading questions first for a couple.

    Then--ugh, sorry this is taking so long--I give them another full practice test, timed, but suggest that if they are significantly better at a couple of types of passages that they complete those first so that they'll have more time to work on the ones they struggle with most.

    Then, we look at their results and see if they improved.

    Really, just reading any text on a regular basis will help them. You may want to look into Article of the Week as part of their annotating text lesson, etc., and maybe design some text-specific questions for them. After a few, start timing them? I don't know.

    Google "article of the week" and Kelly Galagher's site will come up. He's got all sorts of articles in the archives already.

    Hope this helps.

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