Accidents at Naptime

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by buckeyeteacher0327, Oct 13, 2020.

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    Oct 13, 2020

    I teach prekindergarten and I have a student who is consistently having accidents. This is his second year with me (not age eligible for kindergarten last year) and he didn't have this issue last year. He is five years old and is having accidents at least once a week. As I said, this is out of the norm for him. He doesn't drink seconds of milk at lunch prior to nap. He uses the restroom after finishing lunch (usually around 12:45) and then I have him use the restroom again around 1:00 before turning on the nap music and going to sleep. After about forty five minutes of sleeping, he is waking up wet. Enough so that he is soaking through his cot sheet, cot, and onto the floor. Other than not giving him a lot of liquids before sleeping and having him use the restroom twice before laying down, I'm not sure what else to do. The accidents and subsequent clean up are causing the rest of the kids to wake up nearly an hour before the end of nap. I've reached out to his parents and am waiting to hear back but I thought I would check for tips with other ECE teachers. Thanks in advance!
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    Have you talked to his parents/guardians? He may have a UTI or something else medical. I would let them know.
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    How long has this been going on? Is it every day? Definitely need to talk to the parents to see if they are experiencing the same situation at home, or a variation of the situation that wasn't a problem a year ago. I definitely agree with Special Preskool - there is a definite possibility of a UTI, or perhaps the child is on a medication that has not been shared with you - some can cause lack of bladder control for a variety of reasons, such as they act as diuretic, cause increased thirst, block sensation of a full bladder, etc. I can say that some allergy meds can cause things similar to what you are seeing, and that is something that may go unreported, especially if the parents are using OTC decongestants or allergy meds. If this is going on every day, I am certain that the parents must be aware that there is a problem that wasn't there a year ago, but they might not have connected the dots between using different meds that seem safe with this lack of bladder control.
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    I didn't know they had naptime in Kindergarten. His parents might need to send in a night time Pull-up for him to put on for naptime.
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