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    I am new to the 1st-3rd grade age group and am a resource teacher this year for them. I need ideas on how to do scheduling. We have 90 minute LA blocks and 60 minute math blocks. I have kids that I am pulling from each of the three grades for each subject. Do I group them by ability level, do I group them by grade levels? I am very confused here, I have to do my schedule this week before school starts after Labor Day. Any ideas and examples would be great. Thanks!!
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    I think it would be best to teach the students according to their individual ability levels. Make sure that you consult with the general education teachers before you start the planning process. Also, what types of disabilites do your students have? Make sure that the general education teachers have accomodations and modifications set up for these students as well. There are many teachers who blame the students for their limitations and that is not right. How many students are you going to be doing services for?

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