A question for Florida teachers receiving "School Recognition Money"

Discussion in 'General Education' started by SouthernTeach, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Oct 16, 2008

    The school I teach at, has for several years received "School Recognition Money" for having an "A" school. My question is how many of you teach at a school that receive this money....and most important, what does your school do with the money? This is always a huge, divisive issue in our school and I wonder how other schools handle it.
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    I work in a small N Fla school. We recieved the A money 6 years now. We started out giving all staff a share from 1/2 the money and the rest for the school. Then it went to 75% staff and 25 to the school. This year we divided up 100% to the staff. All staff from lunchroom, janitor (just one) and the rest to the principal get the same amount. Even staff that moved to another school as long as they taught that year we earned it.
    Now I work in two schools and the other also recieved an A. We divided it 100% to staff but they would not give a share to three teachers that left. Not fair to me but it was the group decision. So I get at 1/2 share from both schools.
    I heard at my new 2nd school they had a HUGE blowup years ago when they recieved that money.
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    We have received the money for 6 years. It is normally split 25% for the school and 75% for the staff. Teachers receive the majority and the rest is split among other staff. Every single year some of us propose to split the money equally because it takes all of us to make a school successful. Every single year we get shot down because of teachers that feel other staff are not as worthy. I have always figured that we should be happy with whatever we get because it is found money, not something we should expect. I always split my check with my TERRIFIC assistant so that she can receive as much as me. At least my conscience feels that I am doing what I can to make things equitable for at least one other person since I can't convince the teachers school-wide to do it. I hope that doesn't sound too preachy...I just feel very strongly about the matter.

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