A pondering on a potential issue teaching those with ADHD

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Backroads, Feb 12, 2020.

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    I've been through many an article giving tips on teaching students with ADHD. There are a lot of great tips out there.

    However, I find myself recently picking one tip apart, that being the suggestion of finding ways to bring them back to attention.

    It sounds well and good, and certainly is necessary and helpful, but while bringing back a flickering attention is a lot better than nothing, just how much are students learning if their attention is going on and off during instruction? How much is missed even during a few seconds of distraction?
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    That is the $64.000 question. At the earliest of school grades, it can feel like it is a battle never to be won. Time, however, with great teaching, a great SPED program, some drugs for some, patience at home, and the learning by the child to start to self regulate and understand what is happening can, in so many cases, start to catch these children up. Assuming that there is consistency, encouragement, and the actively taught steps that a child has at their disposal to make life better can go a long way towards fixing the deficits. Worst case scenario, however, is when a parent uses ADHD as their trump card for telling the school that what becomes of this student is all on them. Frequently there is an adult in the home with the adult form of ADHD that went undiagnosed, and so the behaviors are accepted, and home teaching, and the attempts to find out what works best for this child fall by the wayside. I've taught some remarkably smart and capable older ADHD students who must have been holy terrors in their younger years, but they have found coping mechanisms that allow them to find the peace to learn without constant distraction. Drug therapy doesn't always have to be a life sentence, but it can be a lifeline when they are younger and can't understand why their brains don't act like everyone else's brains
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